Art Classes 2020

Welcome to Delicious Art 2020 – this is our fourth year and we’re still going strong!
Classes are back next Friday 17th January and I am really looking forward to another year of delicious art with you. This year there will be two classes on Fridays; 

Intermediate Class in the morning (9.30 – 12pm)
Beginners Class in the afternoon (1pm – 3.30pm).

How do you know which one you are?
Intermediates are those who have been coming to my classes for a year or more, you’ve done the colour-wheel class, pears, trees, apples and Uluru landscape.
Beginners are those who haven’t done art for years, have just started classes with me and feel you want to learn the basics before going forward or want to begin learning and have no experience. If you’ve been thinking about coming to class, this is the perfect opportunity to start with others just like you! It’s a new year, time for a new adventure!

Over the Christmas break we drove to Canberra to visit my sister, Claire, and I finally got to deliver my painting to her. ‘The Pears at Claire’s’ was inspired by a photo that Claire took of pears on her dining table. It won first place at the Brookfield Art Show 2019, and I am so thrilled that it now lives on Claire’s wall. Amazingly the colour of her wall compliments the painting perfectly!


The Pears at Claire's pastel painting by Jeanne Cotter
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