About Jeanne

Hi, I’m Jeanne Cotter and I am passionate about pastels. I love colour and texture and art and the immediacy of pastels.

I’m a mum of three, two girls and a boy, all who are now healthy busy adults out in the world doing their own thing and I’m super proud of each of them. I’m married to the most wonderful man in the world, Brian, and we live in Toowoomba, Queensland.

Life hasn’t always been bliss, I’ve had loads of shitty times too, but they make me ever more grateful for the blessings I enjoy now.

Career-wise, I am a graphic designer and creator so I’ve been into design and art forever.  Back in my hay-day I worked at Myer as a Visual Merchandiser (window dresser). I love to teach, connect and create. 

When I was around 46ish and living on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, I stumbled across an amazing pastel artist. I was so intrigued with her art and fell in love with pastels there and then. This lady invited me to her pastel art classes and so I went… every week, once a week, for 6 years. For me, taking those few hours out of my hectic week to spend time making art, learning and discovering the beauty of pastels was a gift to me, to be with myself and develop my art. During that time I traveled to Italy, twice, on painting tours with my art class tutor and fellow students and it was a dream come true, to be in Italy (I adore Italy) with my pastels and painting in the streets. I still have to pinch myself!! Oh my goodness. So blessed.

In 2014 I moved my home and my business and my elderly parents to Brisbane and art classes became a thing of the past while I got busy settling in to my new home, getting married, organising my parent’s aged care, finding work and generally starting over. It’s been a busy crazy amazing few years. Both my parents have since passed away and I miss them terribly. In 2021 Brian and I retired and we’re now living in beautiful Toowoomba where we are creating art and woodwork and enjoying precious family time.

You know what I love the most about teaching art classes? I love seeing the amazement on the faces of my students when they step back from the easel and see the beauty they’ve created. It really does make my heart sing. I love showing people how to paint a cloud, or a pear and holding the space for people to connect with themselves and discover their inner artist. And I love teaching and sharing and creating community and watching friendships grow. After a few years of teaching adult art classes and since retiring, I decided to take a break and focus on my own art for a while, however, I’m ready to get back to teaching and classes will commence in Toowoomba in February 2023. I also have a library of video art classes available under the SHOP tab if you’re keen to give pastels a try from the comfort of your own home.  These video classes were filmed during my online art classes, they are not edited and they’re in real time, so we paint together as I yabber on and share the joy of creating a pastel painting. In fact, if you’d like to try one and you’ve read this far, I’m happy to send you a video class for free, all you have to do is send me an email and tell me why you want to do art!

Meanwhile, I’m working on my own art and you’ll  find my pastels in the ART GALLERY page. Some are for sale, so if you see one and love it, please get in touch to discuss.

Thanks for reading and have a delicious day 🙂

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Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jeanne.p.cotter and https://www.facebook.com/deliciousartclasses
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jeanne_cotter_artist/


2018 – Pastel Society of Australia Annual Awards Exhibition  – Third Place in the Alexandra Award for ‘The Pears at Claire’s’ .

2019 – Pastel Society of Australia Annual Awards Exhibition – Commended for ‘Maleny Majesty’.

2019 – Brookfield Art Show, Brisbane – First place in the Pastel and Drawing Category for ‘The Pears at Claire’s’.

2022 – Toowoomba Show – Second place in the Wildlife section for “Morning Warble’.

The Pears at Claire's Pastel Painting by Jeanne Cotter
The Pears at Claire’s