Delicious Art now lives in Toowoomba

It’s been far too long between posts, so I’m here today to reignite Delicious Art Classes in our new location, Toowoomba Queensland!

After teaching for 6 years in Brisbane, hubby and I have now ‘retired’ to Toowoomba where the air is fresh, the grass is green and we have a lovely home with a wood workshop for him and art studio for me. I have a lovely space all ready to welcome new students when my art classes for adult beginners commence again in February 2023 and I can’t wait! I’ve really missed teaching but have used the time off to navigate our new home town, take some time to rest and recalibrate and enjoy the flowers.

And if you’re keen to get started on classes before 2023, I have a six-week Intro to Pastels course commencing in July 2022. Here’s the link for details

Meanwhile, take care and stay warm as a very chilly winter begins (another lovely thing about Toowoomba).

Blissings, Jeanne



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