Orange Trees Class – Dec 4 2019

I hope you’re having a good week. It feels like summer is well and truly here, it’s so hot here in Brisbane! It’s going to be a long dry hot season I think, so remember to put a bowl of water out for the birds. The other week we spotted a magpie trying to get cool while sitting in the hot sun with it’s wings spread, so we gave it a drink and then turned on the hose for it to cool off. A few seconds later we had 4 magpies all warbling and flapping about with delight in the hose water, they were so happy to cool off. Such a lovely moment.

There’s only 1 seat left for the Intro to Pastels for Adult Beginners Workshop on Sunday 2nd February, so if you’ve been thinking about it, don’t delay! Here is the link to book your seat.

Below you’ll find photos from last week’s class. We painted an orange in a tree first blocking in the darks and lights in the background and blending the edges so that everything was out of focus and soft. Whilst doing this it was important to just paint the colours and shapes as we saw them, it’s amazing how everything makes sense at the end when you don’t get caught up in what you ‘think’ it should look like and what ‘is’. Once the background was done, then it was time to focus on the orange and the leaves in the foreground, these areas had more detail, contrast and sharper edges. Each pastel painting looked great, well done everyone! 

Take care, go gently and I’ll see you soon.
Jeanne x

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