Kookaburra Class – Dec 11 2019

One of the favourite subjects we’ve painted at Delicious Art is the Kookaburra. Thanks to Rob Crutcher Photographer for the beautiful image of this Kookaburra, it really was a joy to paint (or draw) last week. A bit more about that… Even though I say ‘paint’ most of the time, essentially we’re drawing with pastels because pastels are sticks of colour that you draw with and then, if you like, you can blend the colours together on the paper’s surface with your fingers or a blender. In the end I think most of my paintings look more like a painting than a drawing, so that’s where the different terms come from and that’s why I say ‘paint’. It can get a bit confusing sometimes! Below are some of the student artworks from our class. To see all of them please go to my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/deliciousartclasses/


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