Art Classes

Delicious Art Classes are on pause for a while. I’ve absolutely loved teaching soft pastels over the last five years, and since moving house in 2021 and addressing a few health issues, I’ve decided to slow down a little and focus on my own art for a while.

Life seems to roll into chapters and I’ve spent many years and a lot of personal energy running a business, working and teaching students and clients about art, branding, marketing and painting. Now it’s time for the next chapter; to be gentle with myself, to look after my health and to take the gift of time and space to explore my art and be a Nanna – yes, my first Grand-baby is due early in 2022 and I am beyond excited!

I want to thank the many people who trusted me on their art journey. Nothing gives me more joy than seeing you blossom and grow into amazing artists, and for those who wanted to give it a go, I commend you. There’s something precious and vulnerable about putting yourself out there and learning something new and delicious. Thank you all for lighting me up, for allowing me to teach what I know and for teaching me. My heart is full.