Team Building Art Workshops

Are you looking for a unique team building workshop in Brisbane?
Look no further! Delicious Art Classes and Workshops are specifically designed for adults who have little or no art experience. Our corporate workshops engage and involve your team players through using soft pastels to create art that they will be proud to take home. It’s messy, relaxing and wonderful for taking your team out of their comfort zones and helping them to see that they can do anything; the outcome is satisfying, individual, creative and confidence-building.
What does your team get from a Delicious Art class?
  • Engagement and connection 
  • Motivation to create and innovate
  • Confidence to relax and enjoy the creative process
  • A personal connection between innovation and creativity
  • Time to absorb themselves in being creative
  • A finished piece of art to take home (and frame)
What do you get from your team?
  • Positive happy people who feel more self-confident
  • Connected and inspired people who are motivated
  • Better engagement practices and group bonding
If you have a theme you’d like to implement, we can work together to create a relaxing and fun workshop that will bring out your team’s inner artists. Choose from 2 hours, half day or full day workshops. I will come to you and provide all materials. For quotes and prices please enter your details below:
“I’ve seen it time and time again. Adults who haven’t touched a crayon since primary school, can make the most amazing art. My fully tutored and guided sessions allow people to let go of their self-doubts and get absorbed in the process and when they’re done, they are so surprised by what they’ve painted . It really is a wonderful workshop where everyone emerges with a spring in their step, pastel on their face and a smile on their dial.” Jeanne Cotter, Delicious Art
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